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How to catch Platycerus oregonensis in Vancouver?

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If you collected Platycerus in Japan, it is pretty much same in the US or Canada as well. look for decayed red oaks first and look for their unique patterns on trees

The Genus Platycerus of East Asia by Imura, Y.

I found quite numbers of Platycerus quercus (Weber) while I was Nebraska.

And by the way, RIGHT NOW is about a GOOD TIMING to collect both freshly emerged adults, pupae, and late L3 larvae.

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On 4/23/2022 at 1:57 AM, Megasovania said:

Thank you for teaching! I saw these marks when I caught Platycerus acuticollis in Japan! I'll find the new point! In addition, is it difficult to find generated adult Platycerus? Because I never catch generated one.

Generated adults? Are you asking emerged adults? Collecting as adults?

Since Platycerus species are not attracted to lights, and is quite difficult to find any trees with sap flowing from it (in the North America, compared to Europe or Asia), I think it is quite challengeable to find one other than in early spring season to collect freshly emerged adults.

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