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I love animals and nature but I'm allergic to everything


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So I got into having bugs as pets. Started with stick bugs, then hissers, now beetles. Maybe one day I'll get a carnivorous bug but I like the funny little wobbly guys who are like, 'wow, is this wood decaying or what? this is the best day ever' and frequently trip each other even though their tank is the size of a football stadium to them.

I have a blue death feigning beetle who's name is Blueberry, which is like naming a spotted dog 'Spot', apparently, because so are 90% of all blue death feigning beetles.

I have an elongated darkling beetle with the spikiest elbows I've ever seen. I call him Bastard Man, because he digs up holes which annoy the other beetles immensely, and he steps on them if they are in his way. 

My last beetle is a hellburnt, diabolical, ironclad beetle who I refer to as The Coward because he's so incredibly skittish. He can climb the best out of all my beetles and I frequently rearrange his climbing sticks so he can see what's going on up there, I guess? He craves the high elevation, or maybe just not getting stomped on by Bastard Man.

hoping to share pics of my changing set up, I like to decorate their tank every week with a new theme and I thought it would be fun to show it. 


I'm in the market for a tailless whip-scorpion/ whip-spider, desert beetles of any kind, fun beetle keeping tips, and true love.



Screenshot 2022-04-09 3.52.37 AM.png

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