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palawanicus pinning.

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If you are willing to pin through the beetle you will want to acquire insect pins either black enamel coated ones or a plain stainless insect pins. (I recommend black enameled pins. I've used thousands and thousands of these pins for over a decade.) You will also need quite a few regular pins to hold their legs and mandibles.

Let me ask you a question first:

Was it dead before you put him in freezer?
Then you may need to keep him in alcohol for couple days first to avoid going bad. May not needed if you placed it right away once you confirmed him dead.

If it was alive when you placed him in freezer, the very first thing is to unfreeze them on paper towel (to absorb any liquid drained) and start make a posture you would like him to be in. Place pins crossed over their body, legs, mandibles, and antennae the way you like it. Any further questions you can directly send me a message, or reply here so everyone else can also join it.

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If you are placing it in shadow box frame then you can glue it down with wood glue or hot glue, and sorts.
If you are placing it in insect collection drawers with plastazote foam or such thing then you can use multiple pins to go cross over their legs to hold them there.

The general term scarabs refer to Family Scarabaeidae, which do not include stag beetles, the Family Lucanidae.

The taxon is something like this below:

Superfamily Scarabaeoidea includes:
  Family Scarabaeidae
    Subfamily Aphodiinae (Small dung beetles)
    Subfamily Dynastinae (Rhinoceros beetles)
    Subfamily Cetoniinae (Flower beetles)
    Subfamily Scarabaeinae (Dung beetles)
    Subfamily Melolonthinae (May beetles)
    Subfamily Rutelinae (Leaf chafers)
  Family Lucanidae (Stag beetles)
    Subfamily Aesalinae (Nicagus, Aesalus)
    Subfamily Lucaninae (Lucanus, Prosopocoilus, Dorcus, Platycerus, etc.)
    Subfamily Syndesinae (Ceruchus, Synodendron)
  Family Geotrupidae (Earthboring scarab beetles)
  Family Ochodaeidae (Sand scarab beetles)
  Family Passalidae (Bess beetles)

On 4/4/2022 at 6:34 PM, dorcus said:

Ok thanks. He was my pet and I don't want to put a pin through him. how will I mount it without a pin? And off topic, are stags scarabs? 


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