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Goliathus pupation


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I have 3 goliathus grubs, and 3 days ago the female, albeit a bit small at 40 grams decided to begin pupation. I followed some instructions I saw in a video-

they did not work. 2 baseball size balls of clay covered with substrate, at that point, I began trying everything else I could think of, as when not eating, my

grub is losing weight. Then- I remembered what I did for the grub I had last year, which was to place it in a container with the pupation material, then I covered

the container with paper to create a dark condition- presto! The grub gave up and is now presumably creating it's pupal cell. I haven't read anything about this

approach anywhere.   Well- 2 things. After 36 hours, the grub is back on top of the medium, great, Second- there is no "delete" option for a topic.

Another thing I have noticed about the grubs, is that they are active after dark, they'll come just up to the surface and then pull back down and can be seen, doing what ever

they're doing- ?

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