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Dynastes Tityus freshly emerged beetle


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Hi! I'm new to the whole process. Should I wait until her white elytra hardens up before moving her to some Tupperware with the wet foam pieces? Image attached. I just don't want to damage her fragile wings with the move, and I know she's tired. I think she had to have emerged within the past 24 hours.

She's my third beetle overall - before I knew any better I left my first two beetles (a grantii and tityus) in their natural pupal cell in a 32 oz deli cup, and dug them up as beetles. They had very dark brown hardened elytra when I found them. I should have moved them to an artificial pupal cell before they emerged, but luckily they came out alright. It seemed they were in there for only a short period of time after emerging.


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