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Euphoria rufina


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I am new here but I have been reading and learning. My interest in beetles is for both pets and as a food item for some of my amphibians. I am finding it harder and harder to feed the larvae of my little Pachnoda marginata peregrina to my salamanders. I just need grubs lot and lots so I don't care what the beetle looks like or how big it is I just need the grubs to be 1-2".


I need information on what to feed the larvae and foodsources for the adults. I am very interested in Euphoria rufina if there is someone who could supply me with information and live stock.

In short I need a prolific breeder with a shorter life cycle. I'm open to other beetles.

Thanks in advance.

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I was hoping for something a little less attractive. It makes it hard to feed them off.

I'm open to suggestions, perhaps there is a beetle that is quick to lay but often fails in pupation.

This would be the beetle for me. I could collect adults, pair them and rear the grubs. How about

Popillia japonica I don't hear about anyone culturing them? I really need a good feeder beetle. I

would prefer something I can keep generationally but I will entertain a seasonal beetle, if you get my

meaning. I am planning to using these to feed mole salamanders. I want to try to rear them in the same terrarium allowing them to forage for food in a natural fashion.

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All the flower beetle larvae look the same. When you have 500+ grubs it won't be that hard to want to use some as feeders. It's strange, they're uncommon and restricted in nature but super easy in captivity. It's not too much of a strectch since a number of truly prolific species in nature like Zyloryctes and Polyphylla are extremely difficult in captivity.

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Not the larvae the adult beetles. I know all of the grubs look the same. It is just a little easier to sacrifice the young when the adults are less attractive. I will take your suggestion with Gymnetis caseyi

as this seems like the easiest to rear. I take it Popillia japonica is a bad choice? I was also wonder what makes Euphoria fifina so difficult and could you suggest another Euphoria beetles that would be easier to breed?

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