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Caught A Parakeet Outside


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So after a couple mile run with my girlfriend she went outside to walk her dog. She ran back to the house and told me to come quick. There was a parakeet outside on my Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. A parakeet? Yes, you heard correctly. A green "budgie" with a red tag around its foot. I tried to catch it gently with my hands but no luck, it flew into a tree. This is when I had enough time to go inside and get my extended butterfly net. I tried to get it down from the tree and it flew into another tree. 

At this point, a neighbors cat has been stalking it. I ran to the next tree with the net the same time as the cat was. Luckily I scooped the bird into the net unharmed. There's no way I would have let the cat take the bird. The neighbors saw me doing this and one of them said "My daughter just caught the bird but we let it go because it bit her, we don't know who's it is". So with the cat stalking the poor thing and being squeezed by small children, I took charge. I took the parakeet out of the net and it flew around my house. The thing was super scared. It landed above my blind and just perched there. Being 8:45pm, there was not any local pet store open and I posted in local FaceBook groups to see if anyone lost the bird. No responses. So here we are around a month later and my girlfriend has a new parakeet. We tried giving her to bird sanctuary's around the area but you have to fill out a lot of paperwork. Paperwork we did not have the correct info to fill out. It still it a little scared but we got her everything she needs. A big cage, toys, cuttlebone, and basically everything a parakeet needs. We even got her a friend the other day, we are quarantining him as we speak. 

So now, we are new parakeet owners. Never thought in a million years we would be, but here we are!



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