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Fishing spiders (Dolomedes species)


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Anyone ever find a big "wood spider" in your house? The big, skinny legs of fishing spiders is enough to freak your significant other out!

In my experience they are not that bad. Their size and speed is very intimidating and they get a bed rep. 

I live right near a body of water and find at least 20 of these in my house per year, full size, males, females etc. 

Instead of killing them like many people would do, I literally pick them up and let them back outside. I'm not for killing spiders. I notice with Dolomedes, they are very fast at first but the more you "toy" with them, they slow down. Enough to coerce them on your hand and relocate them.  Have not been bit once in handling over 100 of these spiders.

Before you kill the big scary "wood spider" your wife asks you to get rid of, understand it is a living creature with a purpose in this world. 

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