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Goliath beetle care?


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On 12/13/2020 at 11:17 AM, Scarabs said:

What type of care do they need?

As an adult, or grub?

Adults need fruit like banana, or jellies, along with warmth, light and a cage with objects they can climb on and flip themselves back over.

Grubs- you need a care sheet from your supplier, I have a Goliathus grub, I used coconut substrate and fed it koi pellets with low fat content,

as much as it can eat. The substrate needs cleaned every 48-72 hours, it can be reused. Moisture, damp, not wet, I kept mine on the dry side,

but cool to the touch and it would stick together a bit, but not clump.  Maybe that's where I went wrong- see below.

At some point, they stop eating and wander, try to escape at any cost, then you need a pupation material, like clay mixed with peat and sand.

My grub stopped eating early at 35 grams, I gave it the pupation material and it dug in, fairly deep from what I could see, I used a cylinder, like the ones

pepperoni sticks come in.

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On 12/15/2020 at 8:48 AM, Scarabs said:

Ok. How long does it usually take for pupation to begin?

That's going to vary on the sex of the grub, and the quality of care, as well as genetics.  Goliathus can complete the egg to adult cycle in anywhere from 5 to 12

months. 6-8 is typical from what I've read. Of course, that's to pupation, and then they can spend another 6-8 months in the pupal cell.

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