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Hello from Southern California!

Teneb fan

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Hello everyone,  I'm very excited to be a Beetle Forum member!  For a long time I had wanted a small pet that was interesting but low-maintenance.  In August 2017 I ordered seven Blue Death-Feigning Beetles from Bugs in Cyberspace. They were a joy to watch, but at night, even from one room away I could hear them trying to climb the wall.  They sounded so miserable in there.  I asked Peter Clausen for advice – he said it's their nature to be at the perimeter of their habitat before settling down for the night, "especially if they don't have much in the middle to play on."  Right away, I purchased a 24" x 18" terrarium, 20 pounds of sand, and accessories.  They seemed more content in this larger, enriched environment.  Over the years, I have ordered more Tenebs from Peter.  I currently have 39 beetles of about 12 different species (some are assorted indeterminate species). I love watching their activities. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the Forum and reading the members’ experiences and advice! P.S. I’ve noticed that underneath members’ avatars and basic info, some people have written more about themselves, e.g. gender and hobbies. I couldn’t find a spot to enter this info on my Profile page. How can I do this? Thanks!     😀



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Hello, welcome to the forum, nice to see another fan of Tenebrionids here! 😁

As for changing your profile info, just click the little menu button on the top right, click "account", then "account settings", then scroll down and click on "edit profile". :)

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23 hours ago, Peter Clausen said:

Wonderful to see you here after all these years, Teneb Fan, and don't let Hisserdude fool you. He's a HUGE teneb fan too!

Haha that I am! 😁

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