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No longer using USPS


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Heyall, due to issues I’ve been having recently with USPS (namely they are delivering packages VERY late, I’ve been waiting on a package for 5 days) I will no longer be using USPS to ship insects. I will most likely be using UPS from now on to ship insects. This will probably mean a small increase in my shipping price, but I just can’t rely on USPS at the moment. I may resume using USPS after the election in November (let’s all be honest here, mail in voting is almost certainly the reason for USPS’s current lack in service) and I recommend that everyone else does the same. Paying a little extra to ship with a reliable service is much better than losing your entire order because of a poorly managed postal service.

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Does UPS allow shipping of live animals? I've received several shipments from FedEx and they don't appear to be experiencing the same delays as USPS.

Overall cost for Fedex is not all that different either, plus they actually understand how to hold packages at a shipping center. Twice now I've gone to USPS to pick up a held package that was at their office only to wait 20-30 mins while they figure out it's not a package where delivery was attempted and is in fact being held like I told them it was.

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