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Hello All - A newbie collecting in Maryland & Virginia here.


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My name is Sophie. I should start out by saying that I am very new to the awesomeness of insects! Despite this, I really enjoy learning about their behavior and would like to know more.  Recently, I started collecting Phyllotreta cruciferae (crucifer flea beetle) as part of my Master's project. I have heard that these guys can be tricky to care for. I would love to get a handle on how to house them properly and potentially keep a colony. I thought this would be a great place to find out more about beetle care, post some progress, and generally see what other enthusiasts are doing. 
Thanks for letting me join the forum!

Here are some beetles I collected recently.

flea beetles - P cruciferae and P striolata.jpg


Photoshoot with a beetle I caught. 

Flea beetle - P cruciferae.jpg

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Hello InspectorGadget! 

Thanks for the interest. I am in the Translational Plant Sciences program at Virginia Tech. Research in the program is focused on concrete problems (typically agricultural) and crosses disciplines to investigate. There is SO much to learn but lots of fun 😃!  

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