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  1. Mine really enjoy Cloud ear fungus which is sold at my local Asian market as "dried black fungus." The best part is that it's dry so I threw a few pieces in and it will last forever as the slowly eat at it. I tried rehydrating some for them, but they prefer it dry.
  2. Those are very cool. Interested in them and also bess and tiger beetles! What are you interested in for trade?
  3. I feel stupid! Of course it's a darkling.
  4. I've been unable to find a suitable ID for this guy. Found in Central Ohio. About 6mm. Assumed carabid, but maybe I'm way off base. Looked at dermestids due to the shape of the thorax, but the antennae is all wrong.
  5. I just got a colony of Spider Beetles from @cfreidsma and they're so entertaining!
  6. Mine is new. Mostly macro photography of native species (and pets!) and some birds for the less... bug-inclined. @Insectional
  7. Welcome! I'm curious what master's program you are pursuing that has led to researching these cool little beetles?
  8. Just found this Violet Oil beetle out in the woods behind my house, so I brought it in for a quite photo session for documentation. Prior to identifying, I was unaware of this species of its defense mechanisms. Luckily wasn't exposed to any secretions!
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