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Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus, 1763) in Louisiana


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Vernon Antoine Brou Jr. and I have been working on a manuscript to publish a species account on Dynastes tityus occurring in the state Louisiana, a continuation work to the Genus Strategus Kirby (Kim and Brou 2018) finally published. Anyone interested, PM me your email address, I'll share you a file in PDF. The study includes generic plated image (as in first page image above) and when and where they occur, with description to its general morphology as well as phenotypic variations.

The previous research is also available in PDF copy: Genus Strategus Kirby in Louisiana (Kim and Brou 2018).

Kim, J. and V.A. Brou Jr., 2019. Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus, 1763) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae) in Louisiana. The Southern Lepidopterists News 41: 250-254.
Kim, J. and V.A. Brou Jr., 2018. The Genus Strategus Kirby (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae) in Louisiana. The Southern Lepidopterists News 40: 100-105.

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