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Hello everyone!
I've been keeping beetles off and on since highschool. In those days I would find Tenebrionids and throw them in a tank with a bi-weekly carrot. I never even considered that I might be able to breed them. Nowadays I'm all about seeing the full life cycle of "my" animals. I'm an aspiring entomologist and I have been so fortunate to be able to work in a life science museum's insect collection, and a phylogenetics lab. I studied Odonata of Polynesia for three months in New Zealand as part of an academic internship and recently returned from a seven island survey of the beetle diversity in Vanuatu. I also published my first paper this summer, a short taxonomic revision of a small genus of Chrysomelidae.
I am passionate about changing the public image of invertebrates and have an instagram account (sarcastic_fly) where I try to engage people with the tiny marvels around us. I also have a website where I keep track of everything I've learned about plant and animal care (GreenThumbTanks.com) which is rather amateurishly composed, I'll admit.
I am keeping Asbolus laevis, Asbolus verrucosus, an undetermined Eleodes sp, Lucanus mazama I acquired from BeetleShelf, and of course the requisite Tenebrio molitor culture.  I have three females and one male Dynastes grantii I acquired just over a month ago that I'm hoping to breed. Its my dream to breed Asbolus verrucosus, the beetle that started it all for me (yes, I know it has only rarely been done). I look forward to learning from all of you experienced keepers.

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