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Questions about shipping beetles internationally

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Hello everyone!

I know that US import laws are very strict, and I have always and will always follow them. However, what about shipping from the US to Europe where beetles are legal to import? Are there certain precautions I need to take when exporting?



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Both Importation and exportation require permits, generally speaking. You will need a permit to have species exiting out from the U.S., and a separate permit to have species entering into the destination country.

Also, even if it is legal to import alive animal in some countries, it may highly vary per species, per original location, how things are packaged, what comes along (soil, wood, whatever) with the target species, etc., etc... Things are quite complicate, and if you REALLY want to know for sure (so you can actually do it), you must contact USDA/FWS so you can get their names and/or their "official letters," so just in case you are in trouble you can provide the "evidence." USDA and FWS are two different agency, telling two different answers to a single question. One may say "yes," while the other one may say "no." If any of them said "no," then it is eventually "NO."

FWS in DFW airport has different aspects from FWS in IAH airport. (FYI, agents in those two locations cannot even identify scarabs/birdwings.)

So be sure to contact someone in USDA/FWS and get official letters provided to your name.

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9 hours ago, BeetleShelf said:


Awesome, thanks for the tips! I'll make sure I have the right permits if I ever do it in the future. But for right now I'll stick to inside the US shipping, haha. 

Technically, that requires permits, too. Interstate movement of Lucanidae, Dynastinae, and most of the other commonly kept species require a USDA permit for interstate movement. 

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