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Hello from Georgia! (USA)

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Hello everyone!

I am a new beetle keeper from good ol' Georgia, with a particular interest in Dynastes tityus. I have some experience with Diplopoda research, concerning primarily identification and species distribution, but the wonderful world of beetles is new to me.

This interest started with an acquired wild caught D. tityus found early this summer in middle Georgia. I had no idea such large, super rad beetle existed and soon became obsessed with all things Dynastinae. I was hoping to find a fertile female to mate before the male passed, but had no luck. Currently fermenting some substrate and hoping to acquire several larva soon! Looking forward to talking with/ picking up tips from y'all who have successfully raised this magnificent creature!

I am also interested in learning more about keeping dermestids as I do quite a bit of roadkill hunting and bone cleaning. I currently have a handful of death feigning beetles from Bugs in Cyberspace (if you read this, thanks so much! they arrived in perfect condition!) that have been great "first" beetles.

Thanks to all who post, this forum has been a great help already! 

- TityusAndronicus

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Are you buying the larvae or collecting? I'd suggest trying to find the older high-yellow stock but the old gray-green stock is pretty hardy. There's a bit of time investment so what you start with may be what you end with. This is what the yellow stock looks like though the cover scan looks a little oversaturated https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Rearing-Eastern-Hercules-Beetle/dp/0980240107

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@Dynastes I will be buying the larvae, ideally in the next several weeks! Do you have any recommended sources for purchasing larvae? Would love to find some of the high-yellow stock, but am not picky! Thanks!  

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