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Remote controlled bug


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Very interesting article. I know why they are doing it. Not because they want to use beetles for military applications. They're doing it to see if they can, and then if they can they'll use it with larger animals and maybe humans someday. Ever since The X-files went off the air, people have forgotten what's really happening out there. Since I watched all ten seasons and both movies, I've got all my bugs in a row, ready to eat whatever other robo-bugs try to infiltrate my home! ;)

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DARPA has been busy for a number of years... these folk don't mess around, and although the applications are still far away from being fruitful, have no doubt that new technology is almost always developed, and used for military purposes.


Either way, it's quite neat to think of how an electronic can be implanted in a pupa with such precision so as to have it a the right place once the pupa becomes an imago.

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