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Any one keeping Pelidnota punctata?


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Howdy Ya'll


Anyone keeping Pelidnota punctata? Found a lovely male last night.


Of jewleies I keep C woodi , and C beyeri on the 2nd gens of these. I was thinking there care is similar. Unless some one knows better LOL Wondering if anyone has had any luck with these? Or any tricks or tips.


Thanks so much take care


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I've got some L3 larvae from last seasons collecting on C. beyeri. Haven't check them in a month actually...might be some pupae by now. You've got great taste in beetles! I'd be very interested to hear how you keep your Chrysina from generation to generation. Mostly, I just feel like I've been lucky. I collected A LOT of adults and got a decent number of larvae, but not as many as the number of adults would have suggested. (actually, I never counted the larvae because they are all together in a really big plastic bin)

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