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Some qiestions I’ve been wondering about-

My male D. Tityus finally emrged two days ago and the female emrged 2 months before him. How long will it take for his exoskeleton to become fully sclerotised and do I have to hibernate him in order to breed him with my female? Also, he’s like teice the female’s body size so would it be safe to leave him with her? Finally, his foreleg’s last tarsus appears to be swollen and red, it’s the “claw” section or the tip of the legs. 

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Each individual D. tityus will take different amount of time (couple months to half an year) to be matured enough to breed. D. tityus tends to take a longer period of time than any other Dynastine scarab beetles. My beetles usually take about 4 to 7 months. My current beetles took six and a half months to start actively feed on food. Male and female size difference is not a problem, unless the female is a lot larger than a male, and when male cannot grab a female to make her stays still. I can't answer your last question based on your description. It could be deformed claw or blister-like thing, which cannot be good. Try attach some images for better feedback.

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