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How to hibernate

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I was told to use the fridge because it will keep them cold without freezing them. I have mine set to about 35-degrees Fahrenheit. 

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4 minutes ago, Mantisfan101 said:

I was thinking the same but it seemed a bit too cold, would it be safe for all the other produce and stuff? But then again I have my test tube setup with my camponotus chromaiodes colonies in there for at least 3 months by now and they’re doing fine...

I think it would be fine for D. tityus. Unfortunately, I have no experience with adult D. tityus (although not from lack of trying), but it has worked for my Alaus oculatus adults. 

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Keep the beetles in between 40 - 60˚F. If the temperature goes up and low, and not stabilize, the beetles won't go hibernate. Don't go any lower than 40. It may freeze to death. You must keep them in a container about 32 oz or larger with full substrate in the container.

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