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Beetle Identifications

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I found a couple different types of beetles that I am not familiar with. I was on a trip, and I found these in Scotland Neck, NC if that helps to narrow it down.

Here is the first one. I was thinking it might be some sort of darkling beetle. 


 Here is the second one. I was thinking it looked like either a darkling beetle or a maybe a carabid. 


If anyone can identify these beetles, then do you know what they eat and how to breed them? I found them inside a log, and since it is December, I was going to put them in the fridge to hibernate. 

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I think I have the first one identified: a false mealworm beetle (Alobates pensylvanica). I submitted it on iNaturalist. I am still wondering about the second one, but I think it is in the genus Penthe, which is in the polypore fungus beetle family. Considering the logs I found them in were covered in turkey-tail fungi (Trametes versicolor) and other polypore fungi, it seems to fit. I am going to try and find a thread about these beetles, otherwise, I will start a new thread. 

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Agreed with Bugboy (yes, it's spelled correctly).

Penthe is so poorly studied that no online  research exists on their biology; however, putting them in a box with fungi and moisture levels similar to those in their habitat is probably enough.


Keep in mind that many large fungus beetles are specialist feeders and may possibly become unhealthy or experience larval deaths if forced to feed on non-preferred species for long periods. You may wish to occasionally offer beetle jellies or fruits as supplemental foods though; Penthe have been known to eat it in captivity

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