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pupa problems

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Rhinos and stags will typically shrink a tiny bit and their skin will turn yellowish. This combined with knowing about how long a species should take between hatching and pupation is about it as far as I've ever seen/read/been told. Obviously, this is a lot easier to keep track of if you're weighing your larvae when you check on them. Shrinking and discoloration can also be signs of sickness, so it's a bit difficult to be certain on this.

Some species will require a different type of sub for pupation, while others will just do the thing in whatever they're currently in. Either way, when they're ready and they have the proper conditions they will build a pupal cell and hang out in it until the deed is done or they die (hopefully the former). Pupation times vary by species, so you'll want to look up your specific species' information.

Were there any specific points of all of this that you were curious about?

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