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David from Germany/ Canada


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Hey, I'm David. I'm 20 years old and I live in Germany near Cologne. I'm moderator in the german beetle forum (käferforum.com)

Next week I'm going on a trip to Canada for 3 and a half months. I'm doing an internship on a canadian farm near London and Toronto. Approximately from 15th of august til 31st I'll do a trip around Canada and USA until I will fly home again on 31st of August from New York. I hope to see the following places: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York City. Maybe some more if possible.

As I'm four months away from home I almost sold all of my stock because I am not able to look for them.

Do you think it is possible to see some rhinoceros beetles (D.tityus and D.granti) on my tour? Maybe also Stag beetles and Flower beetles?

As many of you live in USA you maybe could give me some tips on my tour???






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You'll be cutting it close to see any US Rhino Beetles out West. Here is a video I made last July (the final week of July) in Madera Canyon, as Orin mentioned. The D. granti are usually not out until the 2nd or 3rd week of July (in Arizona, USA). Feel free to ask lots of questions!




And welcome!

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I don't think that I will get this far into Arizona. As I am more or less travelling with my suitcase it is not possible to get far outside of the cities. I thought of traveling by bus (greyhound).

So you think it is not possible to see D.granti around Las Vegas?`

By the way I'm being in this area round about the last week of August, so they might already be active there?

I was told that the population Dynastes granti even spreads out into parts of Canada. Can that be true? I can not imagine.




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Hi David,


Orin will be able to share more details about the Eastern Dynastes tityus.


Dynastes granti, however, are not likely to be found outside very specific locations in Arizona. In these locations they are easy to find. They are unlikely to be found in other states and are never found in California or Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, in Las Vegas you are only about a five or six hours drive to Payson, Arizona (Dynastes granti capital of the world!).


D. granti should be active in the last week of August, but this is the tail end of the bell curve in emergence so you won't see many. It does depend a bit on the timing of the monsoon rains.

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