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Rhino beetles!


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Hurricane Florence flooded and destroyed my yard... but it gifted me with beetles! I have found various beetles and large larva around my property in the last few days, including a pair of rhino beetles! At least... I think this is Strategus Antaeus. Please correct me if I am wrong, as I am inexperienced.

Female is feisty and tries to nibble at my skin but the male is super easy-going and nice to handle. Does anyone here keep these kinds of beetles?

(Photos attached of just the male, as the female is not as photogenic with me and tries to fly any time I handle her for a photo... I will attempt to take more photos later when it's daylight out and she is not as active)



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I do not. I JUST started keeping beetles this month, but I had been rotting wood for weeks in preparation to order larva at the end of this month. These beetles were a complete surprise/not planned, you see. I was not even aware that they lived in my particular area, much less other large larva I have found during the flooding (palm sized, but unfortunately dead). I will be ordering a care book as soon as I can, however- but there is currently no mail running in my area as offices are closed due to flooding and many roads are shut down. I have not received mail in over a week due to it, so I am holding off on everything.

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