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S. rugosum


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Have you been trying to breed them? The larvae are extremely sensitive to disturbances which takes a bit of the fun out of that one for me. It is neat to have a stag that looks like a rhino.


These are very recent additions. Fortunately for breeding purposes I work right next to the park where I found them and can keep an eye out for conditions, emergence from their larval stage, etc. These emerged during a warm spell in January. There were many of them and I only took 2 males and a female. I wish I had collected a few more. I've been mimicking outdoor conditions where they were found & will probably overwinter in my "cold room". Their "personalities" far outweigh their size.

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I recently found a few adults of this species in a rotten log today. Was expecting to find larvae, but found one male and two females instead. Does anyone know any tips for rearing and breeding these? Info like development time, lifespan, sensitivity, breeding conditions, etc. would be appreciated.

Since they were found as adults in winter, I expect they’ll likely be in diapause until next spring/summer unless they’re actually at the end of their lifespan. I plan to search for more of these to breed, but will probably have to wait until summer for the adults’ flights. The larvae have been proving rather difficult to find, even though I’ve been digging through the log I found the adults in.

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