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New darkling tank


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Hi everyone :)


I had a couple Eleodes, and a couple other darklings that stay in the chola wood from Bugs in Cyberspace, and received the rest from Garin a couple days ago. There are now some Asbolus verrucosus, one Edrotes sp., and several Eleodes sp. beetles in addition to the few I had already.


The Edrotes has to be one of the cutest surprises I've ever gotten. The Asbolus are very active, and seems to be the most interactive of the group. The Eleodes come in so many species, breed in captivity, and were some of the first beetles I kept and bred.


(Short video of the beetles)











(Little one is Edrotes)







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Looks great! I'm so glad someone else is enamored with the little adorable Edrotes. They don't last very long (they seem to last longer if you ignore them, LOL) but they are completely precious. <3


The water bottle may actually be overkill, though, and if your blues get wet they will turn black for a while. If you're going out of town I could see how it might come in handy, but a beetle jelly or a bit of fresh fruit gives these guys all the water they need.

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This is the first time I have seen one of the Edrotes. I swear it looks like a large fuzzy ladybug.


Would having the bottle in there hurt anything? I tested giving them some small plastic containers with moist cotton balls in them, and many of the beetles loved it. These dried up incredibly fast though. The way I managed to get this new dish with bottle working is that it only keeps the cotton balls wet/moistened. The room the tank is in stays hot and tends to dry things out, and so I figured it would be nice for the times there aren't jellies or fruits in there.

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