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Found 4 results

  1. So I recently added a couple of pieces of dog kibble to see if my blue death feigning beetles liked it. I also tried a couple of pieces of fish food. Typically I give them vegetables, oatmeal, and sometimes fruit. I noticed today that they have not eaten them. Instead, they moved them from the corner of the tank where I put the food (bottom left in the bird’s eye view picture) to the farthest corner, behind a piece of cholla wood (top right). They also moved some little “tumbleweeds” over to block off the corner. Is this normal behavior? Any guesses as to why they are doing this? They don’t seem to have eaten much if any of them so I kind of doubt they’re storing it for later eating. Maybe they hate it and are trying to get rid of it?
  2. Hi everyone I had a couple Eleodes, and a couple other darklings that stay in the chola wood from Bugs in Cyberspace, and received the rest from Garin a couple days ago. There are now some Asbolus verrucosus, one Edrotes sp., and several Eleodes sp. beetles in addition to the few I had already. The Edrotes has to be one of the cutest surprises I've ever gotten. The Asbolus are very active, and seems to be the most interactive of the group. The Eleodes come in so many species, breed in captivity, and were some of the first beetles I kept and bred. (Short video of the beetles) (Tank) (Tank) (Asbolus) (Little one is Edrotes)
  3. My daughter has been raising some Z. morio, and they're all large enough to pupate now (28mm+). After I explained to her that they pupate once separated individually without food in a dark place, she would only consent to attempting it with 10 larve, as she's convinced we're going to starve them to death. Naturally, all 10 died, and I now have an 11-year-old wearing her sassy "I told you so" pants. This is the exact method I used to pupate Z. morio as a kid, with the only difference being the containers. As a kid, I used film canisters, and now we're using thoroughly cleaned vitamin bottles with some air holes just because they're what I had on hand; do they require the tight space to pupate? Or better yet: do they need a bit of food in their container, and was I just an unknowing sadist as a child? Bonus fail: "Don't worry, they don't bite." - they totally bite. The girlspawn discovered this last night.
  4. Hi, Today I received my first order of the year! I decided to give the desert sampler from Bugs in Cyberspace a try this time. I used to have several Eleodes species. Each species had its own tank. Life got a bit hectic and I didn't have as much time as I would have liked. In the end, I ended up selling them off to people wanting to get into keeping darkling beetles. I really wish that I would have just put them together in one tank and kept them now though Now it is time to get back into keeping beetles though. Darkling have always been my favorite, rivaling the spider beetles that I have. So why not set up a community of them this time? I received Cryptoglossa variolosa, Eleodes osculans, Eleodes armata, un identified individuals, and an extra T. molitor. This one is the largest. An Eleodes darkling. This little guy buried instantly, this is the only image I got. This is the tank overall. I am seeing an upgrade whenever I get more beetles though. The substrate is coconut coir and sand mixed. I will submerge some carrots soon incase I end up with some larva. I'd also like to get some more climbing material sooner or later, but for now, it works.
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