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Heaviest D. tityus and D. granti larvae?

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It's very hard to tell the real maximum weight because most pros only measure once every 2 months or so.


but from my own records, D granti can go over 40g, and D tityus can go over 34g.


a heavier larvae doesn't mean the beetle will always be bigger, theres a lot of factors including moisture level, horn length, energy spent on pupa cell...etc.

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if your substrate is good enough, you wont need to add anything. the more protein or supplement you add, the faster your substrate decays. its a risk if not handled well enough. some protein source also contains stuff that gets stuck on the larvae's head which confuses them or affects their appetite.


there are many methods out there that can get you a major, but if you need a monster you probably need to do some testing.

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