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Hi guys,


My apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Over the past couple of weeks we've had a serious number of beetles appearing in the Dining Room clinging to the walls and the ceiling. I'm not sure what sort of Beetle they are, though. I have attached a photo and was wondering if anyone could help?


I initially thought it was some sort of Weevil, but after looking at the photo I'm fairly convinced it's a Spider Beetle, but, I'm probably very wrong. Anyone have any better ideas? I am in the UK, by the way.


Thanks very much.



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it's probably a weevil. I heard that to get rid of them you need to clean the entire place of food that might be contaminated and move it away as far as possible. Also, you could vacumn the area to make sure that there aren't any other bits of food that they could get to. I think you can freeze your food or heat it for further prevention.

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