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So Many Pupas s aloeus


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Hi sara,


I'm trying to breed s.aloeus to I only have 1 adult female from larvae last year so yeah, how long were yours before it was time for them to pupate?




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Gentlemen, i have a Ask:

Can you write the full Name of the Animal that you post here, please.


Some times it is difficult enough for me to understand what some here (in the Forum mean),

and my Translator is from 1879...


If it is possible to you so write the first Time that you use a Name for a Animal in Full Text.

(Oh.. dear i hope you understand me...)


Example :


Strategus aloeus is a type of rhinoceros beetle.

S. aloeus occurs in the United States, its populations are much higher in Mexico, Central America and parts of South America.

The larvae of this species feeds on roots in the ground, while the adults feed on flowers and all sorts of fruit.

S. aloeus are very common near lights in the summer and can be collected in large numbers in some areas.


etc., etc.


Do you know what i mean ?


So it is more simply for us non English-Spokesman to understand you text in the Context.



Thank you very much,

Mashku. :)

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