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Hello ^_^


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Hey Guys & Gals,


I'm a college student in Ohio and I've always had an interest in beetles and other insects and have decided that I want to own my first beetles and start a collection. I'll be taking more than one class next semester about Beetles and Enthomology but for now I am a beginner and currently don't have anything.


I'm fascinated by the various colors of insects, not just beetles and also by the battles between male beetles for dominance. I'm very interested in the battling of beetles but definetely not a fan of people who post videos of different species of insects battling it out to the death.


I'm going to be looking around. I have yet to find a site that has a broader selection of bigger beetles to buy online (such as a Rhino Beetle) but if anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome!


Ok, that's pretty much me, lol.



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Hi Ben,

A few of us are Ohio guys. What area? The largest rhino beetle from Ohio is Dynastes tityus, there's also Xyloryctes and Strategus but it's hard to find any of these collecting.

Take care,


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Nice to meet you been and welcome. Probably best to start out with some species native to your own state like Orin said. You're lucky to live in such a place. I'm from Oregon and we don't have much of interest to hobbyists here. I got to Arizona for my beetle fix (past two summers).


I actually find those insect fighting videos quite interesting from a curiosity standpoint. It's not something I would want to do with my pets though, or on any consistent basis since it's not very natural for many of those bugs to meet each other.

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