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Warrior beetle can eat fruit as main diet?

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They can eat fruit occasionally, but live or pre-killed prey must be offered at all times still, otherwise they may die.


Honestly, I have a hard time getting my Pasimachus to eat anything but pre-killed prey, I'd suggest decapitating the mealworms before feeding them to your beetle.

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Carabids are omnivorous and will eat fruit and non-living animal protein, such as dried insects and fishfood. Boiling frozen shrimp, other invertebrate meat (clams, etc) or fish (make sure no sauces, seasoning, or anything else is present) is probably a good idea.


Species with less-specialized, smaller jaws will eat grainy foods and meaty vegs (corn, peas, squash). Pasimachus might try, but its huge jaws probably get in the way.

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