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Blue death feigning beetle behavior


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I have a pair of blue death feigning beetles that I got a few months ago. The female is often wandering the enclosure, but the male is extremely reclusive. I don't think I've spotted him out in the open more than three times. Is this difference in behavior between the two sexes typical of this species?

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Sorry to intrude, but how do you sex bdf's? I've had three for the past year, but I don't know which ones are male or female. I know I've got one female, because I found a couple of eggs last year.


Males are generally smaller than the females, and males also have tiny hairs on their antennae. Here are pics of mine for comparison.



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I don't think it has anything to do with a difference in sex, as males are generally more active than females (while they are of course looking for them) but I bet an age difference would make a beetle less active, as these beetles live a very long time, or as aspen said, different individuals do act differently.

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