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Need help identifying!!


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Looks to be Polypleurus perforatus, see here: http://bugguide.net/node/view/359481


It's a close relative of Alobates and Coelocnemis, which have both proven to be rather hard to culture in captivity. I have gotten Alobates to lay eggs, and the larvae to get to had of their mature size, but I think all of my larvae have died off now. :/


Anyway, Polypleurus will likely need a substrate of rotten wood to induce egg laying, and they should be kept moist, but very well ventilated. Adults will probably feed on dog food and such in captivity, and may not live as long as some desert dwelling species do. This genus has never been bred in captivity to my knowledge, so I don't know what kind of care needs the larvae have.


Keep us updated!

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Thanks! And I will, I only found one though , so I don't think it'll reproduce

Hey, you never know, it could be a gravid female! :lol: I've been really lucky with finding gravid female Tenebrionids where I live, oftentimes I can only find one individual of a certain species, and it ends up being a gravid female. One fertilized female is all you need to establish a colony of most Tenebrionids it seems, assuming you know the care needs of the larvae...

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