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d. tityus Questions


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I have 4 L1 d. tityus Larvae coming in the mail tomorrow and I just got a gallon of substrate today, I separated it out into four containers with small holes poked in the top (to hold in more moisture) here are pictures of the containers and substrate:




My questions are:

1 is that enough soil?

2 if it's not enough can I combine it and house more than one larvae together

And 3 how often do I need to change the soil? (the soil is flake soil from bugs in cyberspace)

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I'm thinking that will last you about a month. Once they are L2 they definitely need a bigger sized enclosure. No, don't combine larvae. Change the soil once you notice a lot of frass. Don't switch out the entire substrate, mix some of the old in with the new.

Can I use organic potting soil aswell? If so is there a brand you recommend?

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You can also ferment trager pellets to make beetle soil, there is some threads heat on the forums, they may be stickied if not they should be

Ya I took a peek at those, 6 months fermentation is a long time though. I'm actually thinking about buying a rotting log from you in 2 or 3 weeks, I can't find rotten wood here and you have a good deal so why not.
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