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Warm Greetings from Kansas


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My son and I are so happy we discovered this forum! He has always been interested in all things nature, and would much rather collect rocks, bugs and crawdads than do anything else. We recently found a dead Dynastes Tityus and in researching it, discovered people keep them as pets. I can't describe the joy and excitement he felt when he realized he could own an alive beetle! We are currently learning all we can, and hope to purchase a couple of grubs next week.

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Welcome to the forum! I am also from Kansas :)

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Thanks everyone! Our grub is healthy and we are patiently waiting for him to pupate. Thanks to this forum we are making our own substrate so we can order more beetle grubs. Just 5 more months and it should be ready! My son caught a four inch long walking stick this weekend and his caterpillar just molted. We're going to be sad when winter rolls around and can't search for bugs!

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