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seeking to find Lucanus elaphus (giant stag beetle)

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I live in NJ USA. Although the brownish-red stag beetles (Lucanus capreolus) are fairly common here, I have yet to find one of the giant stag beetles.


If anyone should have information on where they might be found (either in NJ or within reasonable driving distance), I would appreciate your response. Also, if there's any particular technique for attracting them or finding them, that would be welcome too. For the smaller ones (Lucanus capreolus), I actually had the most luck visiting a couple parks closeby at night, where the beetles gather around the bases of the trees. I suspect the same might be true of elaphus if I could find the right area.




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Thanks, that's what I came up with as well. Apparently, some were found around the Hollywood, MD area. Before I travelled there though, I'd have to get more info like whether or not there have been any current sightings and where. It's beyond 125 mi away from me.

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