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Hello everyone!


My name is Ellen and I am someone who is quite new to the hobby of beetle breeding. In fact, I'm so new I don't have any beetles at the moment! But I am looking to get some very soon.


A little background on me... I'm an undergraduate studying Microbiology, though I hope to pursue a graduate degree in entomology. I live in the United States, so getting most exotics is quite difficult because of our laws. Right now I am looking for other breeders in the US I might be able to buy from. I am also working on the overly-involved import paperwork. My ultimate goal is to rear G. Goliathus, but I plan on starting with M. Ugandensis or a few native species.


I am a very friendly person and would love to chat if there's anyone out there who wants to give me advice or just talk a little!




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Welcome to the forum!


I will have a couple of D. tityus for sale very soon. they started to enclose 3 days ago, just need to wait a few more days for their body to get harder.


Unlike most other beetle larvae, Goliathus larvae (L2 & L3) should be fed daily with fresh protein if you want to reach a good size.


M. Ugandensis is very easy to breed, one of the recommended species for beginners.

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