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Promethea, cynthia, ceceopia help!!!!!!


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Hello! I bought some eggs and was told they all had multiple host plant species. Now I have someone telling me that these three species are very picky and only eat off a few certain plants. I'm very worried I am going to kill all my eggs!! Have any of you reared these before and had luck raising them well? What plants did you use?

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Know this is old, but of those three species only Cynthia is extraordinarily picky. The only plant it thrives on is ailanthus. Cecropia and promethea have distinct favorites that they do best on (wild black cherry you can never go wrong with, but some populations of promethea prefer sassafras or ash) but they'll both theoretically eat a huge variety of plants including most fruit trees, elm, maple, lilac, buttonbush and some others I'm forgetting.

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I thought I would add this link in case anyone comes across this thread in the future looking for information. It is a link to a database of host plants for hundreds of species of Lepidoptera. 


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