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First M. punctulatus eclosed :)


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My male M. punctulatus eclosed this morning. I've been keeping an eye on him all day and he appears to be doing really well. Once he turns entirely black I'll be putting him into his tank, although I imagine he'll just dig down and hide for a while longer instead of eating.




I think the female I have is about a week behind him in terms of development, and I have another one still buried in its pupal cell, not sure of sex on that one.


From everything I've been able to find on their care, they're similar to D. tityus in their needs, so I have some brown sugar jelly and hardwood sub ready in the hopes that they'll breed for me. Fingers crossed! I'm so stoked that he turned out perfectly -- after having to remove him from the pupal cell I was pretty worried about the little guy.

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