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Import permit, would you do it under this circumstance?

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I want to import at least 3 species, one being the recently legal Goliathus goliathus. The process seems easy but the last step is entering my social security number on the site. It is required so there is no way around it. I am paranoid about identity theft, etc. I just get worked up about that kind of stuff. Would you enter your personal information to attempt to get a permit to import foreign species?

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The only beetles that you don't need an actual permit for are: Bess Beetles (Odontotaenius disjunctus), dung beetles, ground beetles and now the three Goliathus I mentioned. Other than that nothing has changed regarding permitting. Everything else would need some type of permit or clearance.


If anything had changed on Dynastes I would have posted about it - maybe some day.

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