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Allomyrina dichotoma pupae

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I know that some of us are currently keeping Japanese rhinos and now is usually the time for pupal chamber construction or pupation. So far I have two that already pupated, one female and one unknown due to the location of the pupal chamber within the container. Two prepupae, one of which will pupate tonight and another in a few days. My question is, what are you guys' opinions on openning the pupal chambers no more than half of the way to observe the pupae, or completely rehouse the pupae into artificial pupal chambers for observation?

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I agree with artificial pupal cells because it ensures that your beetle will emerge safely. Theres always the risk that the pupal chamber could collapse and kill your pupa or cause horn defects. You could lightly mist two peat cups and then put the pupa inside; this makes a perfect artificial chamber.

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Yeah I'm pretty aware of that potential risk. I've already premade four artificial pupal chambers with floral foam. I'm considering using peat pots next time!

The one that pupated overnight turned out to be another female so I'll rehouse one of them into an artificial pupal chamber and also rehouse the one I can't see.

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