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Hey guys! Last year I created my own company called Big Fiftuh. It all started as a joke but now the company is getting bigger. The company was recently in the February edition of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. The items on my site are made to attract skateboarders but almost anybody will look good in these clothes. I will have more and more designs of invertebrates coming in the future but for now I created one with a dung beetle. The dung beetle is pushing a biomechanical ball that has smoke coming out of it. Stay tuned for many more designs and if you want to support the movement, feel free! Let me know what you guys think as well.







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Just a quick idea to share

Have you think of using hemp as clothing materials

My friend and i may do some research on using hemp materials for martial arts uniforms & other uses

i am in the taiwan martial arts club

USA maybe a cheap material producing country/something to think about

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