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USDA Open Comment period on regulation changes

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Posting this from another thread so more people can see it..


USDA/ APHIS is working on upgrading, simplifying and hopefully easing permit requirements. This is open for public comment here:


There are currently many comments regarding snails (both food and pets) and soil but little to nothing on insects / beetles. I think we might be able to make a pretty strong case on Dynastes or possibly Lucanids... some genus that does not eat living plants at any stage.

Lets keep it classy though..

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Well, these are just public comments about permits, so people have been bringing up snails hoping that the permits are eased or lifted on them. Nothing has been set yet, but if we add comments regarding beetles and other insects it might help us out.


I know Lucanids eat sap / rotten wood, but they do not damage living plants at any point in their life cycle. I think they should also ease restrictions on them and / or Dynastes while they are looking into things.

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