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Hello from Norway


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Hi there guys, I'm Halvot 17 and from Norway and a newbie too beetles seeing as I have not even recived my grub yet, but this hobby has always fascinated me. I have had many other inverts but beetles was really the thing I always wanted, but I was generally confused of their care and so on. I still am quite confused but starting to understand as i chug along. Anyway thanks for approving my registration and, thanks in advance for all the info I will find on here ^^ Cheers!

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Sorry for commiting necromancy on this post but I thought i would do abit of an update. Found some spots where there is loads of rotten wood of birch and oak, aswell as ordering my first larvae, Megalorrhina harrisi not sure if they are a begginer species but I thought 5€ each was quite the good deal for L3s :P The gideon I said I baught was a DOA sadley and never got to see the light of day. But we will see how this goes once these bugger arrived and if i win the lottery of and get 2 females and 1 male :P

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