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Just ordered two beetle species, any advice?


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I got three Arizona Elephant Beetle and four Chrysina Gloriosa larvae from bugsincyberspace and may have another C.Gloriosa larva or two coming in from someone else. I'm super excited!! I also have eight Chrysina Beyeri larvae but one died last night :( But I'd love any advice on any of these species if anyone can offer some!! I want to do my best for each species.

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As DynastinaeLucanidae said, substrate and the proper size containers are really all you need for larvae. Make sure you keep the substrate moist enough. I live in the desert and my substrates tend to dry out quickly, so I empty them out and moisten the substrate every so often, as well as put in some fresh.


C. beyeri larvae seem to die off more often than other larvae I've had - I got four and lost two, and they're the only larvae I've had not make it. The two I have left seem to be going strong, though, so maybe they just have a higher dieoff rate before reaching L3?

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