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Some sort of assassin nymphs


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Found these guys lurking in a pile of dead twigs. They all started dropping to the ground to hide when they saw me and got into the leaf litter, so this is the only decent photo I could get.


Any clue what they are?


I didn't bring any back because I was expecting them to probably bite me if I tried to pick them up, but if it's legal and anybody wants some, I could probably catch a few and ship them. I think I know what the adults look like, and if I'm right, they're pretty.



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That would be helpful, wouldn't it?


Central Texas, surrounded by scraggly bushes. I'm not sure what they were eating, if anything, there didn't seem to be any other insects nearby.


I did some Googling, and it looks like they might be red milkweed assassin bugs, Zelus longipes. I've seen the adults before, usually in that one area- I'm guessing there are a lot of insects in the bushes for them to eat.

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