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Hi from LA

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Hi everyone, I'm a new forum member from LA. I've had experience taking care of beetles and other insects, some of them were also my pets (Allomyrina dichotoma, Chalcosoma atlas, Dorcus titanus, Dorcus titanus sika, Prosopocoilus astacoides, Hierodula patellifera, Tenodera sinensis, and Cotinis mutabilis).


I am currently looking for a reliable and trustworthy source to potentially purchase some Rhinoceros beetles and Stag beetles, imagoes or larvae (mainly Dynastes hercules hercules, D. neptunus, Megasoma mars, M. actaeon, M elephas, Dorcus titanus, Odontolabis siva, and Phalacrognathus muelleri).


Aside from the beetles, I am also looking for suitable substrate, logs, and kinish bottles for when I have obtained some of the above species (imagoes or larvae).


Last but not least, I am very pleased to be able to join this forum composed of fellow beetle enthusiasts. I hope you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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