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Hello from Connecticut! (Beetles illegal?)


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Hello all! I was curious if anyone knew about laws about owning beetles as pets. Is owning, mating, and selling them illegal? Particularly rhino and stag beetles.


I am not really sure where to find those laws or who exactly to contact to ask.


Thank you ahead of time!

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Hello, welcome to the forum! :)


Keeping, breeding and selling any exotic species of beetle is highly illegal in the US unfortunately, you will just have to make do with the natives. Luckily we actually have some really cool native species such as Dynastes tityus, D.grantii, Lucanus elaphus, etc., that are perfectly legal to keep and sell. :)


Hope this helps!

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A.dichotoma and D.hyllus are illegal to keep, the other two are OK though. :)


So how do you find this information out about those laws? I assume it's for environmental reasons so we can only have the beetles native to our area, basically?

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